#Beckham40 — Celebrating the Legend’s Milestone Birthday

Photo courtesy Instagram/David Beckham

The Birthday boy in Morocco. — Photo courtesy Instagram/David Beckham

Happy Birthday, David Beckham! The England football legend turns 40 today and everyone wants to celebrate with him. Birthday greetings flooded Twitter, at #DB40 and #Beckham40, sent by sports legends, stars and former clubs — MLS, Neymar, Man United, PSG, AC Milan, the Premier League, Zinedine Zidane, Gareth Bale and Boris Becker, to name a few.

And ICYMI, Beckham, his family and some of his closest friends are celebrating with a party at an exclusive, luxury resort in Morocco. The football legend launched his Instagram account on his 40th birthday and sent images throughout the day. And the icing on the cake? Beckham now shares his birthday with a little princess, as the Royal baby was born just this morning to Beckham’s friends, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Here’s how several publications paid tribute to Beckham to celebrate his 40th birthday:

Bleacher Report started early, and commissioned 10 artists from around the world to pay tribute to the former England captain’s career. Well worth the view, and look down memory lane.


UK’s Telegraph put together a collection of 40 quotes said over the years about the England icon.


The Daily Mail took a look back at some all-time favorite                                   David Beckham moments.


ESPN opted to go for style over football, and published this — David Beckham’s many hairstyles as he celebrates his 40th birthday.


Sports Illustrated also posted a photo gallery of Beckham pics through the years.


And finally as UEFA gets ready for semi final matches next week, they took time to honor Beckham recapping some of his greatest moments.


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